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About us

“Højtbelagt” (Hoyt-beh-laht) is hard to describe in English, but the Danish word roughly translates to “heavily loaded” or “highly layered” and refers to the Danish open sandwich “smørrebrød” that is loaded or piled high with various toppings or ingredients. Like with “smørrebrød”, our productions are rich, layered, and compelling.

We are Johannes Kelsen and August Ingemann, two shooting directors and editors based at Nørrebro, Copenhagen. We create documentaries and branded content for agencies, brands, and broadcasters. What’s common to all our projects is that we work with real people telling real stories. The big buzzword is native content!


We work both as a freelance duo and a production company, which makes us able to handle every aspect of the project from concept development to shooting and editing. Our agile setup enables us to jump in at any stage of production but also to manage a whole production from A to Z. At Højtbelagt, we work closely with a talented group of freelancers, allowing us to scale our projects to meet any needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next production!


Johannes Kelsen, producer and shooting director
T: +45 61 85 96 62

August Ingemann, editor and shooting director
T: +45 42 40 56 55